mechanical engineering design

About me

Hello, my name is Vítor Carvalho and I was born in Oporto Portugal in January of 1984.

I am a professional Mechanical Engineering Designer with more than 15 years of experience.

Since my youth, I have been enthusiastic about mechanical engineering. In 1999 I chose to be a Mechanical Designer and after 3 years I completed the professional course of Mechanical Engineering Design (European Qualification Level 4). In 2015 I started a new Technological Specialization Course (CET in Portuguese) in the field of mechanical technology and completed in 2017 at CENFIM (Training Centre of Ermesinde). This course gave me an output profile as Technician Specialised in Mechanical Technology (European Qualification Level 5).


I am currently studying the undergraduate degree in industrial automation.

Since I started my career in the engineering activities, I have had the pleasure to do my work in some interesting areas such as:

- Industrial Automation

Design and development of many automated/robotized equipments and assembly lines for the most diverse industries, according to the customer needs.


- Automotive Industry
Design and development of welding fixtures for robotic cells and checking fixtures for a diversity of components types (stamped parts, plastic parts and metalic tubes).


- Foundry Industry
Design and development of injection moulds, preparation of the customer's product for the casting process and also in the development of technical tools for product finishing (straightening and grinding/deburring ), design & concept of checking fixtures for dimensional and geometrical control.

And other specialties focused on the area.


Besides my background in this area, I have a tremendous passion for design and everything that involves industrial technology with the commitment to keep updated about new trends in the market and everything related to technologies.

I'm working as Freelancer in order to collaborate with your company and also with private clients.